The Afghan Community Support Association of NSW Inc. (ACSA) is a community based, non-for-profit organisation that was founded in 1978 and has been successfully delivering services for the Australian-Afghan community in New South Wales for over 20 years. 

We provide local community support services, information and referral pathways, advocacy, counselling services as well as support for research and community development projects.

ACSA NSW has a strong focus on working with and developing long lasting and sustainable partnerships with local, state and federal governments and other community agencies to achieve better outcomes for the Australian Afghan community in NSW. 


  • To serve and engage the Australian-Afghan community by means of promoting and advocating social harmony and inclusiveness. 
  • To innovate and build and foster an inclusive community in order to help Australian Afghans achieve their full potential.
  • To develop leadership and strengthen ACSA’s relationships with the wider Australian community.
  • To enhance the understanding of Islam and build a better future for the Australian-Afghan community based on Islamic teachings of respect, understanding and tolerance.


  • Provide structures, physical and counselling services to support and help elderly members of the Afghan community.
  • Provide multilingual services to the Afghan community in NSW and encourage inclusive and meaningful engagement, regardless of ethnic differences.
  • Ensure young people feel engaged with the community and have a safe place and space to learn about their faith and identity among peers and qualified religious scholars and teachers.
  • Work towards strengthening families, empowering women, encouraging and providing guidance support for the youth, engendering a vibrant community, cultivating leadership and fostering respect for all the people of Australia.